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In-the-hoop Key Fob Blanks

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In-the-hoop Key Fob Blanks

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Silver Seams
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Note that all the examples have designs merged on them! The files here are blanks, awaiting merger or fancy vinyls.

Being able to mass-produce keychains is handy if you want to use them as freebies, or have an inexpensive booth-filler item at craft shows, or make a bunch for a team or other group.

The octagon shape and tab mean these are all nice angle cuts, quick little chops with duckbills or rag-quilt snips. There are also small square options, with or without rounded corners.

There is now a quarter-keeper option: the octagonal blanks are preceded by a set of buttonholes. Stitch those on the backing sheet, unhoop it, use a craft knife to cut the coin slot, and use the registration marks to align them before the final stitch color. Or leave it hooped, cut the coin slots, and put a fancy vinyl on the hoop back instead of stitching a design.

They come in 5-up (4x4/100mm), 7-up (140mm), 9-up (5x7), and 22-up (200mm) formats, and both the square and octagonal tabs use the same layout so once you have designs laid out they'll work on both types.

If your design isn’t single-color, you’ll want to color-sort to minimize thread changes: https://silverseams.com/2020/07/color-sorting-with-ink-stitch

You'll also probably want to look at tips on setting KAMsnaps: https://silverseams.com/tutorials/setting-kamsnaps/

This design doesn't come with my usual level of instructions because it's mostly a template for you to make your own Ink/Stitch files. Instead, there are annotated Ink/Stitch thread color PDFs that will walk you through it, but it does expect you to know the basics of in-the-hoop vinyl items.

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An in-the-hoop machine embroidery design to make key fobs (snap tabs).

4x4, 140mm, 5x7, and 200mm
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